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Introducing PK:DIGITAL: A Personalised D&I Journey

When it comes to inclusion, we all have a role to play. Imagine the change we could create together if we each took just one small action each day.

PK:DIGITAL helps learners discover where they can make a difference. Our evidence-based approach offers each participant personalised insight into how inclusive they are, and guides them through the specific actions they can take to increase fairness in the workplace.

Our personalised insights and guidance make inclusion a seamless part of the day job, telling learners exactly what they need to do and making it easier for them to do it.

Our programmes have helped 95% of learners identify ways to be more inclusive. Now that’s real change.

Psychological Insights. Actionable Results.

PK:DIGITAL is developed by a team of Chartered Psychologists with over 40 years of experience and multiple PhDs. We have published over 10 books, 50 chapters and research papers, spoken at hundreds of conferences, and produced over 150 webinars and podcasts.

Our unparalleled knowledge of D&I and human behaviour is incorporated into our learning platform to provide unmatched content, personalised insights, and behaviour change methodology. We help guide your team towards a fairer, more productive, and innovative workplace.

Create Real Change

Unlock inclusive behaviours with personalised insights and step-by-step guidance.

Simple Steps

Changing behaviour can be overwhelming, and many struggle to know where to start. Our user-friendly interface simplifies the process, breaking down the topic into engaging and easy-to-digest content. Our structured learning paths guide learners through simple actions toward becoming more inclusive.

Personal Plans

We all have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to D&I, yet traditional learning approaches tend to treat everyone the same. We recognize and address these differences with personalised guidance and action plans tailored to each learner's needs.

High Engagement

Our unique methodology ensures high engagement rates, with 84% of learners completing our programs. Unlike traditional 'sheep dip' approaches, we employ multi-method learning approaches to maintain attention and drive lasting behaviour change.

Expert Advice

PK:DIGITAL is created by Chartered Psychologists and D&I experts who are actively engaged in relevant research. Our learning becomes your learning, so you and your team are in safe hands when it comes to the latest developments in behavioural science.

Smart Feedback

Accountability is key to creating an inclusive culture. Our diagnostic tools help your employees track their progress with instant feedback, reminders and awards along the way.

Advanced Analytics

Understand the impact of our programmes with comprehensive analytics. See where your organisation’s D&I strengths and weaknesses lie, and report back to your leadership team.

Accessible Resources

We believe real change happens when we reach as many people as possible. Our online programmes are affordable, mobile-friendly and broken up into short digestible chunks.

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Creating a Culture of Accountability

Expert Strategies for Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Three Courses. One Goal.

Find the data-driven digital solution that’s right for your D&I needs.

Inclusive Teams

Drawing on up-to-date research and 40 years of expertise, we’ve created this step-by-step programme to help everyone on your team recognise inclusion issues, empathise with colleagues, and take appropriate action to create an inclusive organisation that performs and innovates better. We work with learners to ensure that inclusion isn’t just a short-lived outcome, but a product of real behavioural change that’s embedded in your company culture at a systemic level.

Unconscious Bias

We all have unconscious bias - but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do about it. Our research-based unconscious bias program follows a proven structure to help individuals move beyond simply knowing what unconscious bias is. With step-by-step action plans, learners can gain insight into their own bias, recognise when bias is impacting their decisions, and make fairer choices. The result is a workplace full of individuals who understand and actively work to overcome bias, driving progress and success for all.

Inclusive Leader

When it comes to inclusion, leaders set the tone. Our digital program helps leaders understand and overcome the specific inclusion challenges they face. After identifying their strengths and weaknesses, leaders receive personalised action plans that guide them on specific actions to create greater cohesion, performance, and innovation in their teams.

See Change and Measure Impact

We’re on a mission to change the world, one organisation at a time. See what organisations like yours are saying about our personalised and engaging approach to D&I learning.

"PK:DIGITAL is definitely the best diversity training tool I have ever used and I’m getting a lot out of it."

“I really found the programme insightful and educational, especially the impact of small exclusionary behaviours”

"I am conscious of being more inclusive to all members of my team to make sure they are all given equal opportunities to develop.”

“The programme was engaging and informative and gave me a lot of valuable insights into my behaviour and its impact on others.”

About Us

We are a team of published Chartered Psychologists with multiple PhDs between us, putting our world-leading research toward making your workplace more inclusive.

Binna Kandola

Meet Professor Binna Kandola OBE, a business psychologist who has written more than 10 books on the subjects of D&I. He has contributed to numerous national panels, including Sir Robin Butler's Panel of Enquiry into Equal Opportunities in the Senior Civil Service and the UK Government's National Employment Panel. He is a regular media contributor, appearing on Sky News, BBC Breakfast, Channel 4 News, and Radio 4. Binna was awarded an OBE in 2008 for his services to Disadvantaged People and Diversity.

Jo Kandola

Meet Dr Jo Kandola, a business psychologist and MCIPD professional with extensive experience in the areas of diversity and unconscious bias. She is co-author of the critically acclaimed book ‘The Invention of Difference: The story of gender bias at work’, and holds a PhD in implicit and explicit gender attitudes.

Ashley Williams

Meet Dr. Ashley Williams, an expert in LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion. She has conducted in-depth research on the impact of stereotypes on the career experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals and has presented at conferences and webinars across Europe. Ashley is passionate about promoting intersectional D&I initiatives within organisations.

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